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Involve your company and change lives
for this generation and the next.

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Rally Together

Through our platform your team can come together, set a goal to fund one or more homes ($6,000 each), and do for some what you wish you could do for all.

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Build An Entire Community

The Architect Program enables corporations to fund, build and transform an entire community in the developing world.

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'It's become part of our company story to support New Story. The seemless, digital approach was exciting to us.'

Keith Krach, Chairman and CEO of DocuSign

'We loved the fresh approach New Story takes as a next-generation charity. We are proud to build a company community of 80 homes and can't wait for it to be complete!'

Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

'The intersection of technology and philanthopy with measurable results resonated with our culture which is why we chose New Story to start our Connecting Through Service intitiative.'

Gina Sanders, Conde Nast and Y Combinator

Get Your Brand Involved

  • Give

    Corporate donation for homes
    Corporate donation to join our private group of operational donors
    Transactional: % of sale
    Gifts in kind
  • Engage

    Team/Employee Fundraising
    Customer Fundraising
    Community Fundraising

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