Join the journey to end global homelessness.


We envision a world without global homelessness.

Join us in ending survival mode living.

A home is the foundation every family needs to live beyond survival. Today, over 1 billion people live without access to adequate shelter — a basic human need. With our local partners, we build holistic communities around the world, because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.

Our Process

Brand Partnerships

Meet the companies committed to leveraging their networks to fund homes for communities living in global homelessness.

More than $1M has been raised through the Sotheby’s International Reality network to fund homes across Haiti and Mexico.

corporate philanthropy

The AD Village in Titanyen, Haiti is under construction to build 100 homes funded by loyal AD readers and supporters.

corporate philanthropy

New Story claimed second place in the 2018 Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Impact Fund, awarding $75,000 to innovation.

Read a recent brand partnership case study.

Since 2016, Transcend Real Estate has been working with New Story to deliver not only great work spaces for its clients but also a helping hand to the rest of the world to end global poverty.

Join us on the journey to end global homelessness.

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