You Shouldn't Have To Guess...

We send 100% of all donations directly to hire local workers and buy local materials so you know exactly where your donation is going.

Why 100%

When you give, you intend to build homes and help a family in need. To give you total confidence that your donation will make a direct impact, we promise to send 100% of your donation directly to hire local workers and buy local materials.

Home Cost Breakdown

Explore down to the penny what it costs to build a home. We believe you should know exactly where your money is going and the impact it's having.

Explore The Breakdown

How Is 100% Possible?

A group of private donors give to our operations because they believe in our team, mission, and vision. They allow us send 100% of your donation to build homes.

The Builders

Build A Home With Friends

You and friends giving month = a lifetime of safety for a family

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Not ready to support a family? Learn why everything starts with a home