Introducing the world’s first community of 3D printed homes.

See the newly unveiled home design come to life.


3D printed homes for those who need them most.

Last year, we worked with our partner ICON to build the first permitted 3D printed home in the US. The home was built in less than 48 hours, for a fraction of the cost of a typical new construction.

For the past year, we’ve been working with ICON to develop the Vulcan 2: a printer designed to build 3D printed homes for those who need them most. The Vulcan 2 will provide:

● Greater affordability per home

● Significant decrease in construction time

● Better quality and longterm security

In 2019, we’ll break ground on the first community of 3D printed homes in history. Sounds crazy, right? We agree. It is crazy. Crazy until it’s not.


What’s the need?

Currently, about a billion people live without adequate shelter. By 2050, that number is expected to triple. The need for safe shelter far outpaces our current solutions for the problem.

Why are we doing this?

The challenge we face is monumental; there are more than a billion people across the globe living without safe shelter. To make a dent in that number, our ability to scale up has to change. Building 3D printed homes is faster, and has the potential for higher quality, more affordable homes than the current industry standard. Our goal is to help power those who are building homes for families living without shelter — governments and non-profits alike — to do their best work. As we make these strides, it means more families around the world will have safe shelter.

How much does it cost to 3D print the home?

The finalized costs for these homes will be determined through sourcing local materials needed for the homes. The end goal is a significant decrease in the cost per home.

Who is working on this project?

New Story, a non-profit working to end global homelessness, has partnered with Icon, a homebuilding robotics company, and Fuseproject, a renowned design firm, to create the world’s first community of 3D printed homes.

How long does it take print one home?

We printed the first home in less than 48 hours. We’re aiming to get faster and faster as the technology progresses.

What are the homes made of?

The homes are made of a proprietary concrete mixture that’s 3x stronger than the industry standard concrete used for most new builds.

Are the homes eco-friendly?

Yes. The printer uses local materials and produces zero waste.


I want to write a story or do a video about the 3D printer.

Amazing! Please use our contact form to submit a press inquiry.


Can I donate a 3D home?

Yes! We are currently accepting donations for the 3D printed homes through this link.

How much does it cost to fund one 3D printed home?

The finalized costs for these homes is still being calculated. We will let you know as soon as we do!

What does the process look like?

Once you donate, your money goes directly to funding homebuilding. We’ll send your periodic updates on the home and community you’ve helped build, and we’ll be available to answer your questions along the way!

About us

What is New Story?

New Story is a non-profit pioneering solutions to end global homelessness. We currently work in Mexico, Haiti, El Salvador, and Bolivia and, in less than four years, has funded more than 2,000 homes for families in need. Their 100% model ensures that every penny of each donation goes to build homes while organization overhead and R&D is covered by private donors such as Y Combinator, prominent venture capitalists, and other leading executives. The current $6,500 homes are built to last for generations and each donation is paired directly with a family so donors can see their impact. See more at

What is ICON?

A year ago, the technology we needed didn’t exist. That’s when we began working with ICON to create a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem. The exciting result is “the Vulcan,” a 3D Home Printer designed to print a home for a fraction of the time and cost.

What does 3D printing really mean?

We get it, the idea of 3D printing a home isn’t something that’s easy to understand. The short of it is this technology allows us to print a home faster than ever and for a reduced cost… without sacrificing quality. See how it works here. 

Interested in bringing 3D printing to your work?