Three days to see how Bitcoin can solve problems and change lives in El Salvador.

New Story is a nonprofit that pioneers solutions to end global homelessness.

El Salvador

We’re bringing together the best resources and learnings from our last four years working in El Salvador to create an inspiring and engaging event. This three-day experience will provide an insider’s look at the future of Bitcoin in El Salvador with some of the leading innovators including:

  • A session with the President of El Salvador to hear his vision on the future of cryptocurrency through the country.
  • A session with the Minister of Finance and Minister of Housing to explore additional ideas for how innovation can advance impact.
  • A tour and half day at Bitcoin Beach with the founders to understand how this location has fully adopted the use of Bitcoin throughout this area.
  • A tour of a New Story community to understand how homes are changing lives and to explore options for Bitcoin to expand the impact here.
  • Meals and networking events.

We do housing differently.

New Story is tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: homelessness.

An estimated 3 billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2030. To change that will take courage, innovation, and a community of people willing to do things differently. We’ve built more than 2300 homes through El Salvador, Haiti, Bolivia, and Mexico. We believe with the Bitcoin community we can do more to expand our impact.

Join us for this transformative trip:

You’ve been passionate about Bitcoin since the beginning. Now, you can join with like-minded individuals who are exploring use-cases beyond imagination and work to make them a reality.

Interested in joining?

Apply to join the trip and you’ll receive an acceptance or additional questions within 48 hours.


Where is the event?

  • We will be gathering primarily in the El Zonte region of El Salvador. This is about an hour’s drive from San Salvador and directly on the beach with access to some of the best surfing in the world. 

Can you help with travel & accommodations?

  • After acceptance, you will receive hotel block information. New Story will be coordinating all transfers for dinners and field visits. 

Who will be attending?

  • Registration is limited to 50 guests to keep the event personal and intimate. This will allow for more access and a deeper understanding of the opportunities throughout El Salvador.

Why is a nonprofit hosting?

  • We have always approached charity uniquely. We believe our tech-focused audience paired with our network in El Salvador is a dream combination. We know to have the greatest impact on the 1.6B people without access to adequate shelter, we need the brightest minds exploring new use cases for impact. We believe bitcoin & cryptocurrency can be a catalyst for impact in El Salvador and around the world.

What is the cost?

  • You will pay directly for your flight, airport transfers, and hotel room (coordinated through our team). Outside of those, there is an $800 attendance charge which will cover two dinners, two lunches, transport, security, and on-ground sessions.