Brand Partnerships

Let’s build something meaningful together.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with incredible brands on their corporate philanthropy programs such as Architectural Digest, Sotheby’s, and Goldman Sachs. Through our brand partners, we’ve raised over $1m for homebuilding, creating the opportunity for more than 800 individuals to live in safe, stable homes.

Each brand brings a different vision to the relationship, and we’re always excited to see what amazing things our partners will do next. If you’re interested in learning more about what partnering together might look like, we’re happy to talk with you. Reach out to us below.

More than $1M has been raised across the Sotheby's International Realty network to fund homes across Haiti and Mexico.

corporate philanthropy

The AD Village in Titanyen, Haiti is under construction to build 100 homes funded by loyal AD readers and supporters.

corporate philanthropy

New Story claimed second place in the 2018 Goldman Sachs Gives Impact Analyst Fund, awarding $75,000 to innovation.

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From building websites to building homes: Find out why the visual web development platform joined our group of visionary leaders and how they’re making a difference over a three-year period.

What does partnership look like?

Partnerships can vary based on each relationship.

Typically, at the beginning, we’ll work together to cast a vision for what the project will look like. This can be flexible based on your brand’s individual goals. We are open and excited to hear your ideas about the partnership you envision.

Can I decide where the funding goes?

The short answer is: absolutely!

We practice 100% transparency, because we believe you deserve to know where your funds are going. At the beginning, we’ll talk about if you’d like to designate your funding to innovation or homebuilding, what funding opportunities we currently have available, and anything else you need to know. Along the way, we’ll keep you posted on exactly what your funds are doing.

How much is a single home?

Home costs vary depending on each community, based on the costs of materials and labor, the home design itself, and the location of the community.

We always aim to keep costs as low as possible, and we typically say our average home price is around $7000.

What updates will we get along the way?

As soon as the project you’re helping to fund kicks off, you’ll hear about it.

When we break ground on a new community, we keep our corporate philanthropy partners up to date on the progress from start to finish with email updates including photos of the construction. You’ll hear stories from the community and learn about setbacks when they come our way — we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop all the way to move-in day and beyond.

We also partner in innovation.

Find out how we're pioneering solutions.