Build A Home With Friends

Make a monthly donation for 12 months to build a home!

Select Your Donation

$500 per month for a year fully funds a home. Select your monthly donation amount to get started.

Invite Your Friends

Including your network splits up your $500 per month goal between multiple people to make it more achievable!

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See Your Impact

After 12 months, we’ll share the exact family you’re helping and take you on the move-in journey.


When Do I Meet The Family I'm Helping?

We'd love to connect you immediately but because we can't have one family wait 12 months due to the urgency of our work we have to wait until you and your friends hit $5,000 total. Along the way, you'll get to meet the community your home will be built in and updated on the building process.

Does It Have To Be 5 Friends At $100 Each?

No! $100 is the minimum/person donation and $500/month is the minimum group donation. You can change up any numbers outside of that. For example, you and three friends can give $125/month each.

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What Am I Funding With My Donation?

With our 100% Promise, every dollar of your donation goes directly to building the home. We actually break down the cost of each home line item by line item (example cost breakdown).

What Updates Do I Receive?

Along this journey of building a home you'll receive updates on progress from the field, about the community, and ultimately you'll receive an update showing the family moving into their safe, life-changing home.

Proving Your Impact By Seeing It

When the family you help moves in, you get to see it!

Start Building With Friends

What You're Building

We buy local materials and use local labor to ensure we're having a positive impact on the local economy.

Keeping You Involved

You should know what's happening in the field! We'll provide updates along the way on the community, home, and family you're helping.

Every $ To Homes

With our 100% Promise, we send every single dollar you donate to build a safe home for a family.

Your Personal Campaign

Customize your personal campaign and share what you're doing with friends and family.

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Build A Home In 12 Months

You and friends giving $100/month = a lifetime of safety for a family