Campaign Resources

We need passionate people like you to help us pioneer the future of shelter. Here’s everything you need to get started!

Spread The Word

To kick things off, you need to let people know what you’re doing! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered. These templates should give you just the right amount of momentum to kick things off with a band. Customize them to make them your very own, or use them as is! The choice is yours.


Email Templates

We’ve found sharing your campaign via email is the absolute best way to be successful. Use our pre-written template and make it your own.


Social Media Templates

Sharing on social media is so easy. Especially because we’ve pre-written posts for you to share – see them here.


Sharing Tips

 Don’t forget to make your asks feel as personal as possible. People are more likely to take action if they feel like you are asking them specifically!
 Follow-up at various milestones. First day, halfway there, final week, and final day are great opportunities for you to get more folks involved.

Make It Look Good

Images are a great way make the problem you’re working to solve feel more real. These beautiful faces may just pull some heart-strings to help you hit your campaign goal!




Tips For Success

 But really: you need to use images.
 Our brand video is great for showing the need + our mission. The more people you can get to watch the video, the better.

Social Media

The average person spends about two hours everyday on social media. With that much time, it’s vital you promote your campaign there.


Tips For Success

 Provide people with a clear action step in your post. Having a direct ask and link will make people more likely to get involved.
 Use social media as a way to call people out and thank them for donating. This gives you a way to talk about your campaign while boosting some egos and triggering FOMO – fear of missing out.
 Don’t forget to follow & tag us in your posts so we can follow along! We’re @newstorycharity on all platforms.

Brand Assets