Customer Success Specialist

Atlanta | Application Deadline: Sep 20, 2019

People join New Story to do the most impactful work of their career.

When we first started New Story we were only focused on building homes directly with our local partners in Haiti, El Salvador, and Mexico. Today, we still build homes (over 2,500 total in fact) with those same local partners but we know the problem isn’t getting any smaller. There’re over 1 billion individuals without a proper home. Traditional methods and organizations won’t tackle a problem this big. That’s why we exist to create new solutions, products, hardware, and software that can move the needle significantly. To put it simply, we’re taking big swings so that within our lifetime the 1 billion person housing crisis doesn’t exist. Watch more of our journey from being accepted into Y Combinator to being named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies In The World here.

One of our innovations to address global homelessness is the software products we’re creating. When we were first getting off the ground we built software to run our operations, donor experience, and project management. This software was simple and only for us. As we grew bigger, however, our software product was critical to scale our donor experience, transparency, and operations. Along the way, we learned other housing organizations were suffering from the same pains. So for the past couple of months, we’ve been onboarding housing organizations to a new version of this software. A product that other housing organizations and governments can use to be data-driven, transparent, and efficient. That’s where you come in.

About the Job

Fundamentally, this job is about making our customers successful. You’ll work to onboard and support them through video, email, phone, and the occasional in-person visit (ready to visit Mexico?!).

Your first order of business with a new customer will be to understand their current process, constraints, housing operations, and goals. From this, you’ll work to bring them and their processes, data, and operations into our product. The onboarding process will require use of your investigative skills along with empathy and detailed communication. Ultimately, you’ll become an expert of our product and know exactly how to take a customer from step 1 to success.

Customers who have already onboarded require support. You’ll provide responsive support and create help documentation so that when you aren’t available the customers can still read help videos and docs. As new features are built for the product you’ll update help documentation and update/onboard existing customers to these new features.

In addition, you’ll work with our engineering team to level up our product by owning our Quality Assurance (QA) process. You’ll investigate our newest features and try to break it whether that’s on the web or mobile. Don’t worry the engineers will actually love you (not hate you) for breaking what they’ve built. And for clarity, you won’t have to get into any code for the QA process. As you learn more about New Story and our product you’ll fully own the onboarding, support, and QA processes.

We’re aware that at some other companies this is a multi-person role. Someone owns onboarding. Someone else owns support, etc. New Story will eventually get there as well but this role requires a generalist who can work in many worlds. It’s a ground floor role that will allow you ownership, autonomy, and mastery.

About You

  • You’re a generalist.
  • You’re very detailed oriented.
  • You’re a problem solver.
  • You love supporting people.
  • You’re an excellent verbal communicator.
  • You’re a strong writer and enjoy writing.
  • You have technical knowledge of both the web and mobile. For example, you know how to clear cache and cookies in order to troubleshoot.
  • You speak Spanish at a professional/fluency level (required).
  • You speak another foreign language (nice to have).
  • You’re open to spending multiple days in country with customers in Latin America once or twice per quarter.

Application Deadline

People join New Story to do the most impactful work of their career. We hope you’ll join us → click here to apply. We’re accepting applications until Sep 20, 2019. Once we received your application we’ll let you know we’ve got it. After that, you probably shouldn’t expect us to reach out until the application deadline has passed. We desire to give everyone a fair review.

Our Culture

Culture is #1 for us. We invest significant time, focus, and resources to building the best environment possible. Why? Over the course of the year we spend a large chunk of our time at work. So at New Story, we want our team to find fulfillment, autonomy, mastery, and joy at work. A workplace where you can bring your whole self.

At New Story, you can expect to find a culture that reflects our values:

  • Humble Pursuit of Excellence. A combination of personal humility and intense professional will.
  • Express Gratitude and Empathy. How would you like to be treated? That’s how we strive to treat others. Always go above and beyond to do for others what you’d like them to do for you.
  • Improve Through Learning and Feedback. Learn why something worked or didn’t work, then implement the learning into future actions.
  • Team of Founders. An extreme ownership mindset where you see a problem, take action, and go above and beyond to help the team.
  • Think Big, Breakdown, and Execute. Set big measurable goals, formulate a plan, then execute the plan with relentless focus.
  • Simplify. Do more with less. This applies to everything: marketing, design, team meetings, writing, operations, and beyond.
Our Benefits

You’ll find our benefits are aimed at supporting a full and healthy lifestyle in all areas of life.

  • Full Healthcare. We believe in thriving communities and that starts with our team being happy and healthy. We offer a generous health insurance, dental, and vision care package alongside a monthly fitness stipend, so you can invest in your own wellness and health.
  • Unlimited Vacation. We also believe you should have flexible time off for sickness, family, and fun, but we believe in the value of taking time to reconnect and take care of yourself. Enjoy paid holidays and a unlimited vacation policy.
  • Work-from-home Flexibility. We have a flexible work from home policy. On average, team members work from home 1 to 2 days per week.
  • 401k Investment Plan. New Story offers 401k investment plan so you saving money for the long-term.
  • Trip to the Field. It’s amazing to meet the families we help and see the homes up close and personal. You’ll get to visit the work first hand in either Mexico, Haiti, or El Salvador.
  • Commuter Benefits. We’re grateful for all the time and energy each team member puts into getting to work every day. For some, getting to work takes additional time and expense because of their commute, our commuter benefits policy helps to offset that.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave. Mothers are given 12 weeks paid time off post birth/adoption. Fathers can choose to take up to 4 weeks paid time off post birth/adoption. We strongly recommend mothers and fathers to take the full time.
  • Adoption Reimbursement. For families who are willing to adopt, thank you! New Story will reimburse eligible team members up to $10,000 for adoption related expenses
  • Team Summits. Every 6 months we have a full team summit where we have fun, reflect, and plan for the upcoming quarter. Past trips have been in Tahoe, CA and Whidbey Island, WA.
  • Continuing Education. We believe in always learning and leveling up our skills. Whether or not it’s a conference or online course you’ll find we invest in each team member so they can be the best at their craft.
Welcoming Workplace For All

We know we will only succeed if we have a team who brings a wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds. Our team grew up around the world, from Turkey to Chicago to Georgia to Venezuela, and we welcome all applicants, regardless of background, to apply. We work hard to create a welcoming culture of shared values and radical candor. New Story is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applicants to apply for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.

Imposter Syndrome

If you’re feeling like you aren’t perfectly qualified for this role, don’t count yourself out. We want you to still apply. We used to (and still do sometimes) feel like imposters. It’s natural, but don’t let that stop you from giving this role a shot.

Join us!

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