Junior Software Engineer

Atlanta, GA
(Applications accepted until October 22, 2018)


Who We Are:

We’re a team of founders pioneering solutions to design and build human-centered communities around the world. New Story is headquartered in San Francisco and we have a team/office in Atlanta. Since starting about 4 years ago, we’ve raised over $20M, and have funded 2,000+ homes in 16 communities around the world. Our journey has taken us through Y Combinator to being named one of Fast Company’s 2017 Most Innovative Companies In The World, and to creating the developing world’s first ever 3D home printer. We are fortunate to be backed by excellent partners and advisors.

A Welcoming Workplace For All:

New Story is a company at the forefront of social impact and technology. We build homes for families across the globe living in survival mode. We make this happen with innovative technology that makes our work more effective and we share our tech, processes, and learnings with others in the non-profit space so they can scale and grow as well. We know we will only succeed if we have a team who bring a wide variety of perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds. Our team grew up around the world, from Turkey to Georgia to Venezuela, and we welcome all applicants, regardless of background, to apply. We work hard to create a welcoming culture of shared values and radical candor.

Benefits and Perks:

💛Change Trajectories. New Story started with building homes and now we’re on a mission to change the entire nonprofit sector. As a team member, you’ll quantify, know, and share the impact of our work on the ground.

⚕Premium Health Care: We believe in thriving communities and that starts with our team being happy and healthy. We offer generous health insurance, dental, and vision care. We also offer a monthly fitness stipend so you can invest in your own wellness and health.

⛷Time Off on Your Terms: Sure, we have unlimited vacation and you can take time for sickness, family, and fun as needed. But we believe in the value of taking time to reconnect and take care of yourself. We’ll ensure you’re taking time off to better yourself (and have fun).

📈Save for Retirement: We want to see each team member thrive and that includes saving money for the long-term. New Story offers full-time employees a 401k plan. 

About The Role:

New Story is growing quickly and fine-tuning our focus to best serve the 1B+ people without access to safe and adequate housing. The tech tools we build are used in 5 countries and our reach is rapidly expanding around the world.

What are we building? We’re focused on building game-changing products for housing organizations and governments around the world. Why? TL;DR: We’re focused on a billion person problem and the status quo isn’t going to work. Our CEO says it best here.

Our stack? It’s Ruby on Rails, Rspec, React, React Native, Postgres, Heroku, and AWS. Ruby on Rails skills are great, but React experience for this role is a must. Of the two Javascript Engineers we’re hiring (#spoilers), one will focus on the web application (React) and the other will focus on the mobile experiences (React Native).

While our team is distributed between San Fransisco and Atlanta, our tech team resides in Atlanta, GA.

How to Apply

Applications accepted until October 22, 2018

If you missed it, the Letter from Our CTO captures the essence of the work we’re trying to accomplish. Start there.

If you feel like you’d be a good fit, carve out 20 minutes and apply here.

P.S. You may feel like an imposter, it’s common, we’ve been there. We’d encourage you to apply, don’t eliminate yourself.