A Fresh Approach to Corporate Giving

with Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate

A new home, a new beginning, a New Story:

A new home, a new beginning, a New Story: How Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate partnered with our organization to transform Ahuachapán, El Salvador into a thriving community.

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If there’s one company that understands the value of a home, it’s Better Homes and Gardens®.  Which is why they have teamed up with New Story as their corporate giving partner. Together, we’ve raised money to build much-needed homes, and created the foundation for a thriving community in the city of Ahuachapán.

In this rural area, families live primarily in shelters comprised of rusted sheet metal and plastic tarps built on dangerous, landslide-prone terrain. The funds raised through our partnership are allocated to build a brand new community and invest in the local economy, as labor and building materials are sourced directly from Ahuachapán.

To learn more about the impact of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate’s corporate giving, how they’ve already raised over $341,000, and why they chose to partner with us, we spoke with two executives from Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate: Chris Zoeller, Vice President of Marketing, and Elizabeth Byrne, Marketing Manager.


Why People at Better Homes and Gardens® (BHGRE®) are passionate about homes.

“For more than 90 years, Better Homes & Gardens® has been the most trusted source of inspiration for all things related to the home. Through our relationship with the Meredith Corporation, the publishers of Better Homes & Gardens®, we’re able to tap into the vast tools and resources they offer to allow our network of affiliated agents help home buyers and sellers before, during and after the transaction.”

How does Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate connect with New Story? 

Sherry Chris, president and CEO, says that at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, they believe that a safe and sustainable home is the very foundation of a person’s health and happiness.

Marketing leaders like Chris Zoeller truly enjoy developing fun ways to weave giving back into the fabric of their organizational culture. As Chris shares,  “We believe that New Story is changing people’s lives. We’re all about helping people find their perfect home, and New Story is doing the same — just for those who are in need of homes the most. We think this is absolutely amazing.”

What makes this impact-driven brand partnership special?

“Today’s consumer cares about giving back, and we have overlapping values when it comes to guidance and involvement. People truly care, and they want to work with organizations that are doing something [for others]. And I think that the New Story opportunity was unique and in a lot of ways, one of which is that the company believes in transparency. All of the money raised goes directly to help those in need.”

$341000 + Raised

50 + Homes

200 + Lives Changed

What’s next for New Story and Better Homes and Gardens®?

“Our goal is to get enough donations over time to build a complete community. So far, we’ve raised just over $341,000, with the ultimate goal being $480,000 to fund an 80-home community. Each home costs $6,000 to build, so we’re experimenting with a variety of outreach strategies to raise the money.” 

“We communicate the program to our network of affiliated brokers and agents at events, in our newsletters and on social media to encourage them to start local campaigns or donate individually.  The passion our network has for New Story helps build and foster a culture of giving.”