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Federal Assistance

Federal Assistance & Support
for agencies/organizations during COVID


United States Interagency Council on Homelessness 


HUD Makes $3B of COVID Relief available: $80 MM for GA.



“Allocates roughly $3.3 billion for federal subsidized housing programs to remain stable and safe for residents. These programs include: the Housing Choice Voucher program, project-based rental assistance, public housing, tribal housing, and other housing programs administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This funding will support services and deep cleaning for quarantined residents and offset reduced income for these programs from tenant rent payments.

  • Provides funds specifically targeted to addressing and preventing homelessness and helping households cover the cost of utilities, including:
    1. $4 billion for cities and states through the Emergency Solutions Grants program, to be used for temporary emergency shelters, staff costs, eviction prevention, and rapid rehousing of individuals experiencing homelessness, with at least $2 billion of these funds distributed to jurisdictions based on greatest COVID-19 related needs.
    2. $200 million for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter Program, which supports shelter, food, and services provided by local service organizations.
    3. $900 million for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which helps families pay home energy bills.”

Via California Budget and Policy Center

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) stimulus bill provides employee cost-related relief to nonprofits. Specifically, the bill includes a $350 billion Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program for which 501c3 nonprofits with less than 500 employees are eligible.
Via NonProfit Quarterly 4/’20


“Housing related provisions in ‘Phase 3’ coronavirus stimulus”

Income Resources for Individuals

Income Resources for Individuals

FED Stimulus Package: IRS Economic Impact Payments

For Individuals, Families, Social Security Beneficiaries, and those yet to file for 2018.



FED US Government Benefits Portal, including Coronavirus resources


Unemployment Insurance

US Department of Labor Guidance on Pandemic Relief

  1. Department of Labor Unemployment
    Updates on Stimulus Bill, PUA compensation
  2. Unemployment Insurance, portal for Individuals

Immigrant Eligibility for Unemployment
Via National Employment Law Project

Significant Benefit Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance