When we say 100%, we really mean it.

Since the beginning, we’ve believed transparency was the only way to operate.

All donations to homebuilding go directly to providing a home for a family in need of shelter. If you want to support research and developing breakthroughs in social housing, please select “innovation” before you submit your donation. Thank you for partnering with us to end survival mode living. When you donate here, we keep you posted on exactly what your donation is doing all along the way.

The Builders

Builders fuel our mission.

The Builders are the private donors who invest $50k+ per year in New Story’s overhead, to fuel our mission and make future planning possible.

They enable us to think strategically about what’s to come, inspire us to grow our vision, and make it possible for us to operate transparently. Because of the Builders, every single dollar you donate here to homebuilding goes directly toward building a home — no exceptions. Have questions about becoming a Builder? Reach out to us here.

The Architects

Architects amplify impact.

The Architects are a group of visionary leaders who enable long-term sustainable impact by investing in New Story communities annually over a three year period. In doing this, they build a foundation of hope for communities in need and for the hundreds of families we will serve together.

The ability to forecast communities allows New Story to develop and prove innovations for the social housing sector. Architects donate $10k per year for three years. This investment builds three life-changing homes for three families in need. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us here.

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