Double your impact
for a year

Your donation to build homes will be matched every month for families in Escuinapa.

Together, we’re bringing safe housing
to vulnerable families in Escuinapa, Mexico.

These families lost their homes in 2018 to Hurricane Willa, have lived the past three years under tarps and rotten wood, and find themselves in the middle of a cartel war.

From now until October 15th, we’re rallying generous donors like you

Help us build homes for 60 families who live on less than $8 a day. Tropical storms, COVID-19, and an ongoing cartel war threaten their lives every day. Together, we can build homes that help keep them safe.

100% of your donation builds a safe home
for a family in Escuinapa.

Meet Miguel

Miguel is a father of four who lost his home and mango farm to the 2018 hurricane. He’s worried about the future of his children. They’re struggling to stay healthy enough for school. A home could give Miguel’s family the foundation for a fresh start.

(Name and photo have been changed for anonymity.)

Here's the impact you'll build in one year:

Here's the impact you'll build in one year: