Change a family’s life
by building their
greatest asset: home.

New Story is proud to partner with eXp Realty
to provide 100 homes to families in Mexico.

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100% of your donation goes to building a home.

  • Many families served by this donation lost their homes in the 2017 earthquake and haven’t been able to regain their footing since.
  • These families are all vetted by local partners, have children, and the potential to thrive with the help of a home.
  • Make a one-time donation or recurring donation. Donate on behalf of clients or with the help of your network. Whatever works for you!
  • Email [email protected] for help, questions or more information on our real estate program!

A $6k donation fully funds a home for a family in Mexico.

We do housing differently.

New Story is tackling one of the world’s biggest problems: homelessness.

An estimated 3 billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2030. To change that will take courage, innovation, and a community of people willing to do things differently. We know you’re as passionate about helping others find home as we are. Join us in the journey to ending homelessness for good.

Our 100% Promise

100% of your donation goes to families in need of a safe shelter. Always.