Let us answer your questions.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! New Story is a registered US 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit (EIN/Tax ID: 47-2529408). See New Story’s IRS nonprofit status.

Can I donate via a wire transfer?

Yes. Please Contact Us and we can send you the details you need to know.

Can I donate via a Donor Advise Fund (DAF)?

Yes. Please see our DAF donation page here.

How do you keep my credit card information secure?

Our credit card processing company is Stripe, which gives New Story bank level security. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Can I donate in honor of someone?

Yes! You can donate in honor of someone here. We will keep both you and them updated on your donation and the home’s progress.

Does 100% of my donation really go toward home-building?

Yes. New Story seeks outside investments to fund our operational costs so that we can put every penny you donate to building homes. This is our commitment to our generous donors and to the families we serve. Learn more.

Can I mail a check or cash?

Yes. Please make checks out to New Story. Our mailing address is:
New Story Inc
182 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
Please include your email so we can send you a video update of the family you help.

Can I donate stock?

Yes. Please email us at team@newstorycharity.org before sending stock so we can track your stock gift through processing.

How We Work

How do you pick your local partners?

All of our local partners must meet the following criteria:

+ Third party validation from U.S. 501c3 partners.
+ Relationships with local governments and the ability to secure land.
+ Has previously built homes that can withstand natural disasters common to the region.
+ History working with the recipient community.
+ Team with the capacity to meet content and execution standards.
+ Commitment to local labor, local materials, and our 100% promise.

Meet our local partners or inquire about becoming a local partner with New Story.

How do you hold your local partners accountable?

New Story and it’s partners have a contract binding us to standards of execution, quality, and appropriate use of funding. Cost Clarity: At the beginning of each project, our partners negotiate with local contractors to set a cost for the home. We transfer that exact amount for each home and donors are aware of every line item through our home cost breakdown. Individual Funding: We fund homes on a per-family basis. New Story tracks and transfers funds for each and every family, it is not pooled into a general fund. We know the exact date a family was funded, when we transferred those funds to our partner, and when to expect a video of that exact family moving into their home. Funds are never used for purposes outside of home building. Video serves as a visual method of accountability for both donors and our organization. Audits: In addition to video proof, New Story performs random audits to ensure family information is legitimate and that families have moved into their designated home. We also conduct scheduled audits in-person.

Homes and Families

Why homes?

Safe shelter is a foundation for upward social and economic mobility. We believe that when families have the security of body and possessions that a home provides, they can focus on actualizing potential instead of fearing theft, illness, and violence.

Do the families own the home and land?

Yes, each and every family owns their new home and holds the deed to their plot of land. This ownership ensures families will have safety and security for generations to come.

Who builds the homes?

Our local partner hires workers from the community to construct each home. Many of the builders are working in construction for the first time, so they are learning a valuable trade in addition to providing for their family. Money invested in New Story homes stimulates the local economy.

Who decides which families get a home?

We believe that local partners are equipped with the trust of the communities and cultural competencies to make this decision.

In Haiti, all families are facing similar dangers. Mission of Hope chose to maintain the peace and equity in this disaster-torn community through a numbered drawing. A census was taken of families who were living in tents in Leveque, a lottery was conducted, and families were are funded in that order.

In El Salvador, all 90 families living in the Monseñor Romero shack slum will be moved to a new home. While all families are living in squalor, some of the families live more directly in the path of a landslide, making them a priority. Outside of these higher-risk families, the funding order is chosen randomly.


What is New Story?

New Story is a nonprofit funding life-saving homes and transforming slums into communities.

How did New Story start?

When Mike and Brett volunteered with Mission of Hope in 2012, they were shocked by the deprivation that residents still lived in 2 years post earthquake. With Matthew’s technical background and Allie’s operations and international development experience, they ventured to build the type of social organization they’d want to give to. The goal in November of 2014 was to fund just one home and now New Story has helped deplete an entire tent slum in Haiti. We are now working to turn a muddy hill full of shacks in El Salvador into a thriving, safe community. Homes are just the beginning of this story.

Who's on the team?

We have a dedicated and innovative team committed to ending homelessness in developing countries. Check us out here.

Why doesn't New Story operate in the United States?

We are focusing on the developing world because that is where we can make the most immediate and significant impact today. Personally, our team has served – and will continue to serve – the homeless in San Francisco and Atlanta, but our organizational focus is in places where a few thousand dollars can provide a quality home that impacts families for generations.

How does New Story create change?

We crowdfund homes for families in need around the world. In the short term this provides safety and basic sanitation. In the long term, families are empowered to reach their potential because a home reduces risks of theft, rape, and illness so the family can focus on work and school.

Are you a 501(C)(3)?

Yes! New Story is a registered US 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit (EIN/Tax ID: 47-2529408). See New Story’s IRS nonprofit status.

How does New Story fund operational costs with a 100% promise?

We are committed to putting every cent of donor contributions to the building of homes. We fund our day-to-day operations by generous contributions from corporate investors and private individuals. Also, a majority of our incredible donors opt-in and add 10% onto their donation to fund New Story operations. If you are interested in investing in our organization, so we can serve even more families, email info@newstorycharity.org.

How can I invest In New Story?

Thank you so much for your interest. Investing in New Story powers our ability to help as many communities as possible. To invest in the New Story organization, please contact brett@newstorycharity.org.