Give the gift of home

and forever change a family’s life.

By partnering to build a $10,000 home,

you can create security for a family that lasts a lifetime — and for generations beyond.

For 1 in 7 people across the globe, staying safe at home isn’t an option.

In many ways, this past year has been the year of the home. Now, more than ever, we can appreciate the security of being able to stay home and stay safe.


For $10,000, you can build a made-to-last home.

Your bold generosity
could write a new story
for a family without safe shelter.

Imagine experiencing this past year without the security of a roof over your head or even a space to gather with those you love. By partnering to build a home for a family, you can create safety and stability for a family that lasts a lifetime — and beyond.

Meet some of the families we serve.

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