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Measuring Our Impact

We are measuring the quantifiable impact of a home to constantly learn, improve, and increase our impact.

What Is Impact Data?

Quantifiable Impact

We aren't satisfied in only measuring our impact by the number of homes we build or individuals we help. Through impact data we are studying the quantifiable impact of a home on education, well-being, income and community building. We're beginning to learn exactly how families are thriving and where we need to improve. Learn more about our impact metrics below.

Sustainable Communities

With everything we do, we aim to generate sustainable and positive impact on beneficiaries lives. We know that progress isn't a linear trend and communities are complex social systems. We're collecting impact data to amplify beneficiary voice and start a conversation about how we can constantly improve and iterate on our model.

Donor Transparency

Funders and donors deserve to know the their immediate and long-term impact. Through our platform we'll share impact data updates on the specific family a donor funds and about the community as a whole. We believe knowing your impact should be the future of charity.

We believe that the impact of a home must be measured with data. Learn more about how we measure and our methodology.

Impact Metrics

  • Well-being

    Grave Illness
    Number of Days from Work or School Missed due to Illness
    Access to Health Care
    Highest Level of Household Education Attained
    Access to Water & Sanitation
    Access to Electricity
  • Income

    Occupational Breakdown
    Household Monthly Income (El Salvador Only)
    Cost of Rent
  • Education

    Access to Education - percentage of children attending school
    Attendance (Haiti Only)
    School Performance (Haiti Only)
  • Home Ownership

    Number of First-Time Homeowners
    Home Customization
    Primary Benefit of Having a Home
    "When I am at home, I primarily [choose selection below]"
    Reunion With Family Previously Not Living Together (Haiti Only)
  • Community Building

    Home Safety
    Community Security
    Families that feel safe walking alone at night
    Trust in Community Members

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