Labodrie, Haiti

Labodrie is a small, tight-knit community where many families have lived all of their lives.

Homes Built


Adults Helped


Kids Helped


Building Phase

Community Built!

Survival Mode For 6 Years

Here families live in tents. These temporary shelters were distributed after the 2010 earthquake and most families have adapted them into the makeshift shelter they live in today.

'When it rains the whole bed is completely soaked. During the day you can go and stand under a tree but you can't sit here. We live here anyways because we don't have another possibility. It's not that we want to live here. It's not that we're fine. We don't have a choice.'

Statistics Before Homes/Community




A New Community

100% of families now have access to clean water, latrines, concrete floors, and the foundation to thrive.


For Locals, By Locals

Each home was constructed by local workers from the Labodrie community.

Home Cost


Materials Purchased


Local Workers Hired



Homes Unlock Potential

A home’s impact is much greater than the four walls. Here are some early indicators we have discovered through our impact data program.

Homes = Community

91% of families trust their neighbors.

Home Investment

87% of families have or plan to add onto their homes.

Homes = Opportunity

16% higher employment rate vs. the tent community.

Homes = Well-Being

9hrs of sleep reported vs. 4hrs of sleep reported in the tent community.

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  • Our Impact Data Methodology

    At New Story we measure impact to quantify how a home creates change, improve our work, and learn what to iterate on to optimize our impact. Do we have to do this? No. Lots of organizations don’t. Learn more about our impact methodology here.

Stories of Change

Throughout the community, lives are transforming. Here are some of our favorite.




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