Leveque, Haiti

This is the story of a tent slum, transformed to a thriving community.

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Building Phase


6 Years In A Tent

Many families in Leveque had been living in makeshift houses made of, what should have been, temporary tents that were distributed after the earthquake in 2010. For years, they were exposed to serious dangers from an unsafe living environment. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, 151 families in this community are now living in safe homes with access to education, clean water, and a space to call their own. With safety at home, they can now focus on their families and wellbeing.

Life in a tent: With no stable walls, no locks on their doors, and only a dirt floor, the tents provide virtually no stability for families.

Without a true door, families cannot safely leave their tents with dangers of theft & kidnapping.

In a one room tent, children primarily sleep on the dirt floors. During storms water rushes in so children must stand to 'sleep.'


A Community Is Built

Our first completed community in Haiti, it is also our largest community with 151 homes. The homes are a beautiful display of hope and creativity from families who live there. More than 2,000 donors rallied together one donation at a time to enable this community.

The homes were built by employed local laborers providing them with a marketable skill and a good living wage for their work.

Extensive gardens, exterior updates, and a water basin are just a few examples of families turning their houses into homes.

In the heart of this community is a thriving school where children now receive an education just a stone's throw from their home.

We have seen many families begin their own business now that they have the safety of a home. See some of their stories below!

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Know Your Impact

Through our impact data collection program we’re seeing families that have improved their homes, children attending the community’s school, and in-home businesses getting started.

Homes = Education Opportunity

75% of families with children attend school in the community.

Home Investment = Family Ownership

61% of families have added onto their homes in the forms of exterior additions or gardens.

Homes = Opportunity

83% of families say that opening up a business is something they want to accomplish in the coming years.

Homes = Productivity

48% of families say that increased time and productivity is the biggest benefit of their home.

  • Explore More Impact Data

At New Story we measure impact to quantify how a home creates change, improve our work, and learn what to iterate on to optimize our impact. Do we have to do this? No. Lots of organizations don’t. Learn more about our impact methodology here.

Stories Of Change

We believe stories of transformation help show the full picture of what a home means to families. Here are some of our favorite stories from Leveque, Haiti.

Stories of Change

Throughout the community, lives are transforming. Here are some of our favorite.




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