A New Story Documentary

Follow the journey of three dreamers who set out to tackle one of the world’s most daunting problems: global homelessness.

No Small Dreams is a documentary about an unlikely crew of entrepreneurs, social justice advocates, and innovators reimagining solutions for those without safe shelter. 

From funding their first home to building the world’s first 3D printed community, the film chronicles how New Story is solving homelessness through innovation, dignity, and transparency

New Story’s in-house creative team produced No Small Dreams to show the world what’s possible when we work differently and together.

“Our biggest hope with this film is not just to introduce our work to a mainstream audience but to encourage anyone who has a dream to take those first steps forward, regardless of how crazy it seems.”

— Nathan Bach, Director


Press Kit

A collection of photos, posters, and bios to help you spread the word.

Meet New Story

New Story is a Y Combinator-backed nonprofit building homes for families in need.

The team has built 38 thriving communities in its first seven years, impacting more than 14,200 people with safe housing. Investing heavily in R&D, New Story believes in bringing groundbreaking technologies to families who need them most.