Nuevo Cuscatlan, El Salvador

The Story of a Community Transformed

Homes Built


Adults Helped


Kids Helped


Building Phase


Makeshift Shelter: No Stability

Families lived in unsafe makeshift houses made of scrap wood, tarps, and sheet metal.

Life in a shack: With no stable walls, no locks on their doors, and only a dirt floor, their shacks provided virtually no stability for families.

In Nuevo Cuscatlan families did not have access to clean water. Instead they had to walk and find water - precious time that could be spend on more productive activities.

Dirty Water

Families lived without access to clean water supply.

Poor Sanitation

Homemade latrines and no running water exposed families to disease.

Dirt Floors

When it rained their dirt floors turned to mud.

No Protection

Without a proper roof, families were exposed to rain and extreme temperatures.


A New Community Is Built

100 homes are being built with electricity, running water, and a proper toilet and shower.


For Locals, By Locals

Each home was constructed by local workers and with help from the family.

By training local labor and buying locally sourced construction materials, New Story not only builds homes and communities, we stimulate local economies and teach skills in the process.

Here, families had the opportunity to work on their homes as they were being built. This provided additional buy-in and input into the homes before they moved in!

Kid centered: A landmark of the Nuevo Cuscatlan community is the playground in the center. Here, kids come together to play and grow in a safe environment.

Pay It Forward: Families will help, over time, to pay forward the cost of their home. Their payments (determined according to income) go directly to funding more homes in El Salvador.

Home Cost


Materials Purchased


Local Workers Hired



We’re Measuring The Impact

Through data collection and analysis we can see the impact the homes and community are having.

Family Ownership

Investing time and money into their home is a strong indicator of ownership of their home and community.

Homes = Economic Opportunity

Families are starting businesses from their home.

Homes = Safety

Families listed the top benefits of their home as security and protection from the elements.

Education Focus

Education is a priority for families in Nuevo Cuscatlan.

Growth Focused

Families have shared their top goals are starting a business and improving their home.

At New Story we measure impact to quantify how a home creates change, improve our work, and learn what to iterate on to optimize our impact. Do we have to do this? No. Lots of organizations don’t. Learn more about our impact methodology here.


Stories of Change

Throughout the community, lives are transforming. Here are some of our favorite.



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