Our process

Local partnerships,
global impact.

We ask before we build.

Before we build homes, we ask for feedback from the families who will live in them.

We believe inclusive design is the only way to build long-lasting communities, so we developed a process to make it simple and repeatable — not only for ourselves, but for home builders everywhere. This process, called Lean Participatory Design, invites community members of all ages to give actionable feedback on the construction of their homes and community.


We build with locals,
for locals.

When you donate, you’re not only providing a home, you’re creating jobs to fuel a local economy.

We ensure each community is made from local materials using local labor paid at fair wages, creating safe, well-paying jobs for the community. In many communities, community members are expertly trained in parts of the construction process, transferring valuable job skills to benefit families for the long term.

Powered by diversity.

Because a global problem will take a global team, we always partner with others who have already proven success in building sustainable impact.

Each local partner has unique expertise in their geographic area, empowering us to make better, more empathetic decisions as we build. Each construction project is made possible by a diverse ecosystem of partners including local governments, nonprofits, and our increasingly globalized New Story team.

See your donations at work.

Titanyen, Haiti

In 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake left an estimated 2 million people homeless. Today, only 20% or less of reconstructed homes have provided long term housing solutions.

Tenosique, Mexico

About 60,000 people live in the Tenosique area. The community is tight-knit and has only grown by 5,000 people in the last 20 years.

Ahuachapán, El Salvador

Major earthquakes struck El Salvador in 2001, damaging about 20% of the nation’s housing. Today, El Salvador’s housing deficit is around 1 million homes in a country of 6 million people.

Join us in ending global homelessness.