New Story Team

We’re a team of founders.

We took an anonymous, open-ended survey and asked our New Story team, “if everything else changed at New Story, and only one thing stayed the same, what should that one thing be?” Unanimously, everyone said, “our culture.”

Hands down, our people are the best assets we have. Each of us takes radical ownership of the mission, pursuing our vision humbly and with excellence. Also, we really like hanging out with each other, and we’ve been known to cook up a storm in the kitchen. At New Story, we don’t use the word “employee.” We’re a team of founders, each of us fired up about the vision we get to pursue, and thankful we get to make it happen together.

Meet the Team

Brett Hagler

Co-Founder & CEO

Brett is a cancer survivor, author, speaker, Y Combinator alum, and 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur. In 2017, New Story was named by Fast Company as one of the “Most Innovative Companies In The World.” Brett is a Y-Combinator Graduate and, in 2018, was named one of the Top 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs. For speaking opportunities, contact us.

Alexandria Lafci

Co-Founder & COO

Alexandria has more than a decade of work, academic, and volunteer experience in domestic and international development. She has taught in inner city D.C., led financial capacity building efforts in rural Central America, and briefed African heads of state on poverty alleviation through land reform. Alexandria is a Y-Combinator graduate and, in 2016, she was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. For speaking opportunities, contact us.

Matthew Marshall

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Matthew is driven to use human-centered design and software to create a remarkable donor experience, maximize impact, and increase team efficiency. He leads the tech side of our innovation initiative by supporting our in-house team of developers. Matthew is a Y-Combinator graduate, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, University of Georgia alum, and Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

Morgan Lopes

Chief Technology Officer

Morgan leads and mentors our software engineers, piloting a vision for better tech at New Story — and in the social housing sector. Morgan sees leadership as a choice, not a rank. He strives to make that choice daily and challenges others to do the same. Morgan is a husband, business owner, software engineer, and adventurer who craves new challenges and desires to live a life that inspires others.

Sarah Lee

Chief Brand Officer

Sarah works to lead the strategy & vision of our brand. She helps engage brand partnerships and key donor relationships to ensure they have full transparency into our process and the on the ground work. She values providing a unique & consistent voice to all things New Story. Prior to joining New Story, Sarah helped lead a marketing agency in Atlanta where she served as a Partner and the Director of Accounts.

Emma Lalley

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Emma works to get New Story’s housing innovations into the hands of others working to end global homelessness. She also oversees New Story’s impact data program. Previously, Emma worked with social entrepreneurs in Malaysia, seamstresses in Ghana, and has consulted the Ugandan government on WASH program expansion. Emma is a researcher, inquisitive practitioner and Occidental College alumni devoted to continual learning and improvement.

Geraldine Galue

Software Engineer

Geraldine worked with several nonprofits in the business development sector and slowly realized that most nonprofits face many technological challenges. Soon, she learned how to code and discovered that technology can help nonprofits scale and solve their problems. At New Story, Geraldine works on building external software for donors and also on internal software to maximize our teams’ potential and make our local partners more efficient.

Joanne NG

Global Operations Manager

Joanne manages the relationships and logistics of every community we build. She is most passionate about combining her design thinking skills and education in architecture to create sustainable social impact. In the past, Joanne has worked on various design/construction projects in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Senegal, with a focus on housing, sanitation infrastructure, and community development.

Shane Ardell

Senior Software Engineer

At New Story, Shane works on our software platform and specializes in Rails, testing and APIs. Shane graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering and has a background in project management and software engineering. Shane spends her spare time enjoying the outdoors and making music. She is an avid lover of skiing and a certain golden retriever named Livvy.

Annie Brannon

Brand Experience Director

Annie’s work helps shape the message and story of our brand. She directs the experiences that bring our brand to life, from digital to events and beyond. Along with the rest of the brand team, Annie communicates the mission and vision of New Story so donors and partners can stay engaged with the work they help support.  Annie is a Georgetown alum, a yoga teacher, and a lover of well crafted words.

Nathan Bach

Lead Videographer

Nathan leads the production and post-production process, ensuring effective communication through creative storytelling. Previously, Nathan held such roles as Video Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, Multimedia Developer, and most recently, Sr. Visual Designer at a regional commercial airline in Atlanta. When he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, Nathan loves to exercise, spend time with his wife and their dog, Gabriel, and cheer for every Atlanta sports team.

Sam Ballmer

Strategic Partnerships Associate

Sam works to build the relationships to take New Story’s impact to the next level. Specifically, Sam is focusing on organizations that provide services outside of homebuilding: sanitation, access to drinking water, community governance and more. Previously, Sam studied cognitive science at the University of Southern California before moving to the Bay Area. Outside of work, Sam loves live music, dancing, yoga, nature, and spending time with friends and family.

Tim Whitacre

Senior Software Engineer

Tim builds software used to help our team and partners end global homelessness. Tim has spent 15 years as a software engineer. He’s worked for startups, small agencies, and launched two of his own companies. He also spent a few years teaching at The Iron Yard, a coding school in Atlanta. In his free time, he and his wife, Steph, spend most of their time with their son, Landon.

Katie Tynes

Junior Brand Designer

Katie creates impactful and streamlined visual communication to bring New Story’s brand to life. Katie is an Auburn University PR graduate, and most recently finished her graduate degree at Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center in Atlanta. She loves design’s potential to shape the landscape of the future, align companies with their purpose, and create social change. Katie lived in Paris for a year after college, and is always on the hunt for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.

Genna Heidkamp

Special Projects Associate

Genna provides support in special projects and research for the Ops team. Genna is passionate about the intersection between technology and development, organization, and finding ways to make New Story as efficient and effective as possible. Previously, Genna studied Electrical Engineering and Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Notre Dame. She went on to be an engineer at Intel and then an English teacher in Quito, Ecuador.

Wes Pritchett

Innovation Fund Director

Wes develops relationships that enable New Story to innovate and expand our mission. After graduating from West Point with a B.S., Wes earned his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Wes spent 8 years in the army, and has flown over 800+ combat hours, earning an Air Medal with Valor. He also spent time working at Goldman Sachs as a Private Wealth Summer Associate.

Ellen Paik

Innovation Fund Manager

Ellen cultivates relationships with New Story’s partners and Builders to ensure they have a transparent, world-class experience. Prior to joining New Story, Ellen was an investment banking associate at Goldman Sachs, where she was a finalist in the 2018 Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Impact Fund. In her spare time, Ellen enjoys exercising, exploring the outdoors, and hanging out with her family in Korea and Hawaii.

Christina Martinez

Brand Logistics Coordinator

Christina ensures that our processes run smoothly to make it possible for our team and donors to have an incredible experience of our brand. Prior to joining the New Story team, Christina worked at Passion City Church as the Projects and Events Coordinator for the Children’s Ministry. In her spare time, Christina enjoys coffee with friends, finding great places to eat, and traveling.

Ignacio Hernandez de Leon

Strategic Partnerships Associate

Ignacio is a social entrepreneur and innovative architect driven to push creativity in the social housing sector.

At New Story, his main focus is on strategic partnerships for our housing innovation tool kit. He has a passion to scale our impact on and off the field by identifying and building strong relationships between different allies across Latin America.

Jennifer Linke

Project Manager

Jennifer serves as the project manager at New Story. With great attention to detail and strategy, she supports the brand and technology teams in bringing projects and initiatives from planning to implementation. Previously, she worked at a global public relations agency developing and executing communications campaigns for a nonprofit, government, and health care clients.  As one of four adopted children in her family, Jennifer brings a passion for families and purpose-driven work to New Story. Jennifer is a lover of dogs (especially her miniature schnauzer, Theo), traveling, and french fries. 

Eddie Dozier

Sr. Software Engineer

Eddie is a full stack engineer who works on front end and mobile applications at New Story. He’s written software while in the Marines and for various enterprise SaaS startups. Eddie spends his free time working on small projects, teaching others how to code and trying new restaurants.

Julieta Moradei

Director of Research and Development

Julieta leads Research & Development at New Story through forming partnerships with key academics and industry leaders to pioneer groundbreaking solutions for social housing. Julieta is passionate about bridging the gap between art and science through collaborative design to maximize innovation at New Story. She pursued a bachelors and masters in structural engineering and architecture, while being a research assistant in Boston, Berkeley, and Switzerland. Her industry experience spans being an engineer at Arup, The Walt Disney Company, and SGH. Julieta is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and loves traveling, running, scuba diving, hiking and sketching.

Jimmy Jaramuzchett

Growth Manager

Jimmy joined New Story Charity in June 2019 as a Growth Manager on the Brand team. In this position, Jimmy works to grow funding for our home building efforts while deepening relationships with New Story partners. Prior to New Story, Jimmy led individual partnerships at Code for America, connecting funders to work that is revolutionizing how people interact with government and technology. In his spare time Jimmy enjoys playing guitar, attending live shows, watching movies, and exploring nature.

Kamini Iyer

Impact Data Manager

Kamini leads our impact data program and brings a data-driven mindset to the New Story team. She is passionate about using data and design to tell meaningful stories and hopes to create foundational change wherever she is. Previously, Kamini worked in the EdTech space bringing high-speed Internet to all K-12 schools in America. Kamini is a UC Berkeley alum, loves being outdoors, and will say yes to any adventure that comes her way.

Jake Anderson

Partnerships Coordinator

Jake lives to serve and lead others, and joined the New Story team in order to strategically scale up our vision of ending global homelessness. As New Story’s Partnerships Coordinator, he builds and runs strategies aimed to establish valuable, innovative relationships to advance our mission.
In addition to working with New Story, Jake is a guitarist, music producer, and song writer by the name ‘J. Wesley’. He is a life-long student who loves performing, reading, and exploring new ideas and places.

Lisselot Franceschi

El Salvador Local Program Manager

Ruben Cenea

Haiti Local Program Manager

Gretel Uribe

Mexico Local Program Manager

We’re Hiring!

New Story team values

Humble Pursuit of Excellence

Do your work with a combination of personal humility and intense professional will.

Team of Founders

Take radical ownership for the vision and go above and beyond to make it happen.

Improve through Learning & Feedback

Learn why something worked or didn't work, then implement the learning into future actions.

Think big, break down, execute

Set big measurable goals, formulate a plan, then execute the plan with relentless focus.

Express gratitude & empathy

Always go above and beyond to do for others what you'd like them to do for you.


Do more with less.

Board of Directors

Mike Arrieta

Co-founder of New Story & VP at Docusign

Steve Ayoub

Managing Partner, Data Blue

Christy Chin

Partner, DRK Foundation

C.J. Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Pete Flint

Trulia Founder, Managing Partner NFX Guild

Brett Hagler

Co-founder and CEO of New Story

George Huber

President Equity Investment Group/Managing Partner Dock Square Capital

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