We build housing breakthroughs to share with partners in philanthropy.

Change should be an open-sourced, collective pursuit.

The more we ally with others working to end global homelessness, the greater our collective impact can be. We work with forward-thinking, problem-solving organizations and governments to pilot innovations and build better social housing communities around the world.

As we build breakthroughs for social housing, we share them with our innovation partners, who pilot our hardware, software, and processes wherever they work. In countries where we build, our field partners work with us directly to create better homes and more complete communities around the world.

Innovation Partners

We design breakthroughs for the social housing sector: from a 3D printer for homes, to hardware and software developed to meet your needs, to more effective design processes.

If you work in the social housing sector, you know the challenge we face is massive. Over a billion people are in need of homes, and the number grows year by year. To find a solution, we have to build better, faster, and more affordably than ever before.

Field Partners

We need experienced partners everywhere we work to make sure social housing is safe, communities are thriving, and projects run on time.

Our field partners range in expertise from water, to playgrounds, to education, to homebuilding — and beyond. To learn more, and to reach out about partnering with us, please visit our Partners Portal. Let’s build a community together.

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