Build a thriving community,
leave a lasting legacy

When you sponsor a community, you build sustainable impact for generations to come.

From individuals to brand partners, generous donors have given in extraordinary ways to fund the construction of entire communities. Because they all realized one thing: When you take a bold step forward to make a massive impact, others follow.

You will receive field content, updates, family stories and impact data. We practice full transparency and provide you with the information to see not just how many homes you build, but whom you are helping and how.

Brand Partnerships

Your company can make
the difference for families
in need.

We strive to make all brand partnerships a mutually beneficial experience. Watch the power of Sotheby’s International Reality’s “Yes” here.


For $500k+, you can
help us build every home
in a community.

We build safe homes as part of communities that help families thrive for the long haul.

The homes you fund will be passed down for generations that extend well beyond your lifetime. Your radical generosity will leave a legacy that never stops inspiring others.