Our Team

A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything. – Simon Sinek

Our Advisors


Designer and Founder of Fuseproject

Keith Krach

Chairman at DocuSign

Scott Harrison

CEO, charity: water

Don Thompson

Former CEO, McDonald’s


Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur

John Wood

Founder, Room to Read

Sherry Chris

CEO, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Brad Feld

Managing Director at Foundry Group

Robert Hohman

CEO, Glassdoor

Y Combinator

Jessica Jackley

Co-founder of Kiva.org, Investor at Collaborative Fund

Gina Sanders

Founder, Gina’s Collective; Advisor, Y Combinator non-profits; Venture Partner, AVP

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Board of Directors

Mike Arrieta

Co-founder of New Story & VP at Docusign

Steve Ayoub

Managing Partner, Data Blue

Christy Chin

Partner, DRK Foundation

C.J. Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Pete Flint

Trulia Founder, Managing Partner NFX Guild

Brett Hagler

Co-founder and CEO of New Story

George Huber

President Equity Investment Group/Managing Partner Dock Square Capital