Our Team

A small team, committed to a cause bigger than themselves, can achieve absolutely anything. – Simon Sinek

Our Advisors


Designer and Founder of Fuseproject

Keith Krach

Chairman at DocuSign

Scott Harrison

CEO, charity: water

Don Thompson

Former CEO, McDonald’s

Amy Astley

Architectural Digest, Editor-in-Chief

John Wood

Founder, Room to Read

Sherry Chris

CEO, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Brad Feld

Managing Director at Foundry Group

Robert Hohman

CEO, Glassdoor

Y Combinator

Jessica Jackley

Co-founder of Kiva.org, Investor at Collaborative Fund

Gina Sanders

Founder, Gina’s Collective; Advisor, Y Combinator non-profits; Venture Partner, AVP

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Board of Directors

Mike Arrieta

Co-founder of New Story & VP at Docusign

Steve Ayoub

Managing Partner, Data Blue

Christy Chin

Partner, DRK Foundation

C.J. Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Summit Partners

Pete Flint

Trulia Founder, Managing Partner NFX Guild

Brett Hagler

Co-founder and CEO of New Story

George Huber

President Equity Investment Group/Managing Partner Dock Square Capital