Using Tech for Good:

How Transcend is Helping New Story Build Homes Around The World

As a new breed of commercial real estate brokerages, Transcend creates home environments for businesses.

Now, through a partnership with New Story, they’re leveraging tech for good to help build homes for families, too.

Transcend was founded four years ago on the belief that the work environment and company culture can impact employee productivity and help companies truly thrive. So, they decided to build innovative workspaces — i.e., “homes” for businesses — that were outfitted with the latest technology; places that people actually enjoy working in.

After finding great success in the CRE space, Transcend decided it was time to give back, and New Story was a natural fit. Inspired by the nonprofit’s innovative donation model and their use of tech for good, Transcend made a promise to donate $100 from every deal closed, with every penny going directly to funding new homes. 

In other words, a space for a company helps build a space for a family. 

We sat down with Patrick Braswell, Transcend’s founder and CEO, to find out more about Transcend’s philanthropic mission, how they’re partnering with New Story, and why using tech for good is what they’re looking forward to most.  


What’s the story behind Transcend?

We came together to help companies find environments that their employees truly love and that could help them prosper. We spend more time in the office than we do anywhere else in our lives, so we wanted to be sure that our clients were not just finding but designing a space that really evokes their company culture. 

We also wanted a space that employees would enjoy going to day in and day out; a space that’s optimized with the latest technology like Zoom rooms, audio and visual devices, high-speed internet, and other creative and operational tech. When the culture and technology come together, that’s what drives productivity — no one else in the industry is doing that the way we are.”

tech for good


Why is New Story a good fit for Transcend?

“Like Transcend, New Story is all about creating environments for people that serve a purpose. They’re building these homes for people who don’t have adequate shelter, and so for us, the partnership was a no brainer. That’s why, for every space that we build for another company, we wanted to give back and help build homes for people around the world. 

We really admire New Story’s mindset and the fact that if you donate to homebuilding, 100 percent of that goes directly to building homes. They are also developing these great innovations and using tech for good — that’s been pretty amazing to witness and it’s just really exciting. We’re happy to be partnering with them.” 


Transcend and New Story are both focused on reshaping their respective industries. Would you say that the companies share some of the same values?

“We are definitely a new breed of real estate brokerage companies, and we’re trying to bring more value than anybody else through the culture, design, and technology. It’s the same way with New Story — they’re trying to bring greater value to the causes that they’re supporting by rethinking and reshaping the nonprofit business model. The millennial generation cares more than other generations about knowing where their donations go, and New Story is completely transparent about how the money is used and actually showing where it’s making a direct impact.”


What does the future look like?

“As our company grows, we’re making it a priority to also grow the partnership. The more business we get, the more homes we can build. We plan to donate $100 from every closed deal, and every penny of the money will go directly to funding a new home. It will be so amazing to be able to use tech for good; as New Story is working to build the world’s first community of 3D printed homes that our giveback has played a part in building for a family.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about Transcend’s Give Back Program or how you can help New Story leverage tech for good