Your monthly donation
can make a lifetime
of difference.

Here’s the impact you’ll build in one year:

$30 / MONTH provides water and sanitation for an entire family

$60 / MONTH pours the foundation of a family’s home

$111 / MONTH builds a person’s new, safe home

$111 a month ends homelessness for someone forever.
Join us.

A home changes everything.

Our work touches on 16 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Safe shelter gives families the chance to thrive in every way.

Watch our short film, “Where Dreams Begin,” to see one mom’s journey.

A little bit can change a life.

How you can help

When you build a home, you forever impact every aspect of a family’s life

Health & Safety

More than ever, this past year has shown us how homes are essential to safety. From pandemics to flooding, hardships hit. When they do, every family deserves a safe place to stay home together.


Children can’t grow into their full potential if they don’t have the freedom to learn. A stable home gives kids the opportunities to read and rest and become the best student they can possibly be.


When families aren’t spending their days merely trying to survive, they gain the margin to find a sustainable source of income. Many of them are even skilled in the construction industry and help build the home you fund. We’ve seen others use their new home to start their dream business like a bakery.


How do you decide who gets a home?

Our team works closely with local partners and governments in every community we build. These partnerships help us determine which families are the most vulnerable in the areas we work. These families:

  • Live in extreme poverty (average monthly income below $300)
  • Lack direct access to water, sewage, and electricity
  • Live on informal land
  • Experience greater health complications due to living in unsafe and unsanitary conditions such as dirt floors, unstable walls, and leaky roofs

Why is the cost so low?

Our local partnerships, technology, and years of construction experience have allowed us to bring down the cost throughout the entire building process. Governments often provide the land, install services, and give other construction subsidies to help us make the most of your donation. We also use local materials and local labor paid at fair wages to help us build in the most efficient way possible.

How do you know these homes will help the families?

Before we build any home, we ask the community how we can best support them. We host a Lean Participatory Design workshop that allows every family to speak into the design of their home. This way we know the exact needs of each community.

Is a home really the best intervention for poverty?

A safe home gives families the foundation they need to flourish in other areas of life such as health, education, and income. For instance, we have seen the families we support in Mexico increase their income by 68% since moving into their new homes. Every community also has access to other basic necessities such as water and electricity. Each family also gains legal ownership of their property so they can pass it down for generations to come.

Will you guys take a cut of my donation?

Nope! That’s our promise. Our 100% model means every single dollar you give goes toward building a home for a family who needs it most. This promise is made possible thanks to our Builders, a select group of generous donors who completely cover our operational expenses so none of your donation has to.

100% of your donation goes to families in need of shelter.

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