Frequently Asked Questions


Attending a Vision Trip entails the following costs:

Plane ticket(s) to/from your departure location and Mexico City airport (paid directly to airline)

Hotel at Four Seasons Mexico City, with New Story discount when you tell the hotel you’re booking with New Story (paid directly to four seasons)

On-ground New Story Package – $750 per person which includes everything you will need on the ground for an unforgettable trip. Price includes:

  • Flight and transportation for the day trip to see 3D printed community
  • All meals except for one “on your own” dinner
  • Ground transportation to/from airports and to/from New Story communities
  • Security, local staff, and all on the ground extras (snacks, supplies, etc.)

If you have any questions surrounding costs, please reach out to Ellen Paik at [email protected]


Our itinerary will be highly curated and concentrated in the safest areas of the country. Your wellbeing is our #1 concern and we would never bring you on a trip if we did not have confidence in your safety.

Our team has never felt unsafe in Mexico, but to be ultra-conservative we will:

  • Be staying in a 5-star hotel while in Mexico City
  • Have security around the construction site for the duration of the project
  • Travel with armed security personnel in our vehicles whenever traveling to New Story communities

If you have any concerns about safety, please reach out to Ellen Paik at [email protected]

How to Prepare

The first step in preparing for your trip to Mexico is to RSVP here.

Once you’ve reserved your spot, there are just a few more things you need to know.


Each vision trip guest will need to book their flight in and out of Mexico City on the first and last days of the trip. If you’re uncertain about your flight time, feel free to run it by us and we’ll be happy to help. Once you’ve booked your flight, please send your flight numbers to Ellen Paik at [email protected] so we can make sure you arrive safely.


As a group, we’ll be staying at the Four Seasons in Mexico City. Each vision trip guest will need to call the hotel to book their room through the New Story room block. Just let them know you’re with us to receive a discount on your room cost.


The Four Seasons will provide complimentary transportation to and from the airport for all guests in our room block. When you book your hotel, just let them know your flight itinerary and they’ll be waiting for you at the airport in Mexico City. A member of our team will also be there to welcome you, to ensure you have no issues in reaching your destination.


Be sure to make sure you have a current passport that doesn’t expire for the entirety of your trip length, as you’ll need it to enter and exit the country. If you don’t have a passport, we suggest applying immediately, as it typically takes 6-8 weeks to receive yours once you’ve applied.

You’ll need to make a copy of each person in your party’s passport and keep them with you or in a safe place for the duration of the trip.

What to Bring

Mexico City stays comfortably warm during the summertime, and we recommend bringing modest, comfortable summer clothes for the time we’ll be spending there. When we go to visit New Story communities, we’ll be stepping into warmer climates, sometimes exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend bringing comfortable, athletic clothing and closed toe shoes, such as sneakers or tennis shoes, for these excursions.

We recommend always keeping bug spray and sunscreen in your suitcase, but if you forget, no worries! We’ll always have some on hand.


We’ll be carrying cash for the group, so we only recommend carrying pesos if you plan to spend time in Mexico City on your own. Even still, most places take card. You will not need American dollars at any point.

Sharing the News

We’re all excited about these trips and we know it will be very difficult to keep the location a secret. You are welcome to share that you’re going on a trip with New Story, but please refrain from sharing any information about the location, using any geotags, or mentioning the 3D printed community.

Who's Involved

¡Echale! a tú casa

Echale is a social enterprise that focuses on housing construction and community development, and is our key local partner in Mexico. In the past 20 years, Echale has built more than 40,000 homes and made 180,000 home improvements across 23 of the 31 states in Mexico.

We have been working closely with Echale since 2017 on close to 10 community projects for families living in survival mode or those who were affected by the September 2017 earthquake.


ICON is the construction robotics and technology company we partnered with to develop the Vulcan – the first 3D printed designed to print homes for those who need them most. We continue to be honored and inspired by our partnership with this world-class team. ICON will be onsite with the printer all summer long to build the community.


The location and timeline of the 3D printed community is extremely confidential.

In the interest of keeping our communities, partners, and teams safe, it is critical to refrain from publicly disclosing any details about our 3D printed community on any public forum, including on social media.

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