Why Webflow joined New Story’s Architect Program

From building websites to building homes: Find out why the visual web development platform joined our group of visionary leaders and how they’re making a difference over a three-year period.

Where most companies have a key set of values, Webflow has behaviors.


Why? Because “values mean nothing without action” according to the full-service visual web development platform— and we couldn’t agree more.

Those actions were made evident when Webflow’s co-founder and CEO Vlad Magdalin joined The Architects, a program created by New Story to bring visionary leaders together through a three-year pledge to invest annually in building communities and supporting innovation. As a pioneer Architect, Vlad and the team at Webflow have helped New Story plan for the future while continuing to develop innovations and serving the need for shelter now. 

Here’s why Webflow was a natural fit for New Story, and how building websites, in turn, helps build homes for communities in need.

About Webflow

Building websites better, faster, and without coding.

Webflow envisions a world where everyone can create powerful, flexible websites and apps as easily as they create documents today.

What makes this impact-driven partnership special?

New Story and Webflow go way back  — in fact, we used Webflow to build our initial website and campaigns.

“Vlad refers to New Story as an exemplar model of Webflow’s larger mission,” said John Moore-Williams, the Head of Content Strategy at Webflow. “We’ve enabled New Story to build a website that grows the business, which ultimately makes a positive impact in the lives of people who need it most.”

Like New Story, Webflow’s work culture is also one that focuses on actionable values. Their platform is built to serve the customers by knowing and understanding their needs. Similarly, New Story believes in creating homes that serve the needs of the communities through participatory design; in other words, going straight to the community to find out exactly what those needs are.


Here are a few other ways Webflow’s behavior-driven values align with ours:

  • Practice extraordinary kindness. For Webflow, this applies not only towards their peers but to the world at large.
  • Lead by serving others. Both Webflow and New Story create “products” that can dramatically impact other people’s lives for the better.
  • Dream big and move (uncomfortably) fast. When it comes to innovating, Webflow is on board — you don’t grow your userbase to over a million users by playing it safe. Likewise, we’ve brought our own “big” idea to life by building the world’s first community of 3D-printed homes.

What’s Next for Webflow?

As a pioneer of New Story’s Architect program, Webflow has contributed to the construction of new homes, as well as provided funding for new research and innovation. The company is also involved in many other charitable efforts, including giving employees the option to donate a portion of their paycheck directly to a charity of their choosing, and they hope to continue doing so in the future.

“It’s deeply important to everyone at the company to feel like we are giving back through our work,” said John. “Giving back is part of our core values because in many cases, we’re highly technical people who have decided to spend some portion of our career working to help other people do what we’ve learned over the years.”

“Vlad and the other Webflow leaders communicate and provide opportunities for employees to contribute to organizations they’re passionate about through their role,” shared John. “They’ve created fun ways for employees to fundraise and give back.

Meet Vlad Magdalin

CEO of Webflow & a pioneer Architect

Back in 2013, Vlad, along with his brother Sergie Magdalin and friend Bryant Chou, founded Webflow with the goal of creating a website design and development platform for everyone— no coding knowledge required. Today, the platform boasts over a million users and has been widely praised as a simple yet powerful tool for building websites.


Launched Webflow


Raised $2.9 million in seed funding


Integrated code-free eCommerce tools


Raised $72 million in Series A funding

About The Architects

The Architect Program is a donor community of generous leaders who make an impact in the fight against global homelessness long term. Each year for three years, donors or “Architects” pledge to donate $10,000. Of that money, 80 percent goes towards building a home, while 20 percent goes towards research and innovation.

Interested in learning more about The Architects or how your company can get involved? Let's Talk!