Home changes everything.

Meet three women from New Story communities.


Across the world, people lack safe shelter more than any other basic need.

A home impacts every aspect of a family’s life: security, health, education, finances, and beyond. To address the complexity of the problem, we work towards creating holistic solutions.

We build communities, not single homes, and ensure families have full legal ownership of the land where their home is built, so they can never be forced to leave. Each community has access to the resources they need to thrive, including water, power, and proximity to career and educational opportunities. Homes will not solve everything, but we believe a safe home is the foundation needed for economic uplift. As a community is able to live, work, and play in a stable space they can call home, they are empowered to thrive together.  

Homes are more than shelter.

Health & Sanitation

Living without a safe roof and clean floors leads to runoff water flowing through the floors and often leads to the spread of dangerous illnesses to infants and others. When we build, each home and community is designed to provide these basic needs which means parents no longer have to worry about even simple things, like their children playing on the floors of their home. Read more


Having a door and windows with locks means that children and parents can sleep at night knowing they’re safe from what’s outside. In the communities we build, the new homes typically replace houses made from scrap metals or found resources that create unstable, temporary dwellings. Homes built by your donations provide personal security to safeguard belongings and valuables and prevent external violence. Read more


For children growing up in poverty, unsafe home conditions make it very difficult to study and get proper sleep to focus in school. Every donation to homebuilding helps provide children with a proper place to focus and learn, as well as a cozy space to recharge at night. This means a brighter future for children in the communities we build. Read more


A safe home gives parents the chance pursue opportunities to earn more money and start businesses. Instead of wondering where rent will come from or spending time trying to build their own homes, families can focus on thriving. We have seen many families begin businesses from their homes which provide not only more income for their family to meet everyday needs, but also inspires the next generation. Read more


Our community and home layouts are designed with the input of the families who will reside there. This way we know that each family receives the gift of a home, while the community as a whole also has the foundation to grow stronger and thrive. Read more

Homelessness is growing, solutions are not.

There are currently over 1.6 billion people living without safe shelter–more than 20% of the world’s population–and the problem is only growing. By 2050, an estimated 3 billion people will be living without adequate shelter.

We pioneer solutions.

It’s clear that our traditional ways of building will never meet the need.

In addition to building homes, we spend time and capital researching new solutions to increase speed and efficiency in homebuilding. Once we’ve piloted a helpful breakthrough, we share it with others working to end homelessness alongside us. Learn more below. 

Give the gift of home.