Why Homes?

Homes provide safety and consistency, which unlocks the potential needed to thrive.


Everyone Deserves A Safe Home

A billion+ people worldwide live in slum or inadequate housing.


Families Struggle to Survive

Living on $1-3/day means you live day to day.

Dirty Water

1.5 million children under five die from diarrhea because of unsafe water and a lack of basic sanitation and hygiene.


Poor Sanitation

Improved sanitation alone could reduce diarrhea-related morbidity by more than a third.


Dirt Floors

Concrete floors has shown significant reduction in the incidence of parasitic infections.


No Protection

Without a proper roof, families are exposed to rain and extreme temperatures.

Health And Education

Children living without shelter attend school less frequently, contributing to lower performance.


Talent Is Universal, Opportunity Is Not

But, that’s changing…


Everything Starts With a Home


Once a family has clean water, proper sanitation, a concrete floor, and a protective roof, exposure to diseases and sickness drastically decreases.

Income & Opportunity

A safe home provides a foundation for families to focus on income. More income means higher quality of life and the ability to save for the future.


Kids in safe homes attend school more than kids living without shelter. More attendance means kids aren’t left behind and can perform better.

Sponsor a Home For $6,500

100% of your donation will go directly to hiring local workers and buying local materials.