We’re driving innovation for those who need it most.

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New Story pioneers solutions to end global homelessness.

1B+ humans live without safe shelter. We serve families who live day-to-day: by necessity, they’re focused on finding the next meal, the next drink of water, and the next safe place to sleep.

We bring together a diverse ecosystem of partners to build holistic communities for families living in extreme poverty. In those communities, we test, prove, and scale innovations (hardware, software, and processes) to build more homes faster and at a higher quality. We then share those tools and learnings with the social housing sector to impact as many people as possible.

Our impact since 2014:




Homes built




Lives changed

Our R+D Strategy

How we build solutions



We invest in and co-develop breakthrough solutions to build homes and communities better, easier, and faster.



Then, we put our innovations to the test. We build communities using our new tools and tech and listen closely to the people we serve.



When we find a scalable R&D solution, we share them with other nonprofits and governments working to end global homelessness. We’re all in this together.

The problem is bigger than we could ever solve by ourselves.

New Story’s goal is to become an R+D branch of affordable housing by partnering with entrepreneurs and domain experts to drive innovation for those in need.

Our partnerships develop innovations that lower costs, increase speed, and improve quality of community building. We’re looking to work with partners in the research, academia, industry, and advisory categories to create, prove, and share innovations to make a significant impact in solving the global housing crisis.

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