Creating housing breakthroughs with world-renowned R&D partners


The problem we’re solving is bigger than us, and it’s growing.

An estimated 3 billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2050 — a 200% increase over three decades.

To tackle this massive issue, we’re researching and investing in breakthroughs in homebuilding. We partner with innovators and validate solutions within the communities we build. Then, we share and sell working solutions to nonprofit organizations and governments, so collectively, we can all build faster, better, and stronger.

Calling all researchers, innovators, and strategic thinkers.

We’re looking to work with partners in these categories to create, prove, and share innovations that make a significant impact on the global housing crisis.

Research Fellows

Our researchers from around the globe contribute to a database of timely, innovative affordable housing interventions that influence what we build.


Domain experts from universities across the world partner with us to bring their research to real world applications.


Sector leaders join us to bring emerging technology to a meaningful and urgent use case: affordable housing.


We continually partner with strategic thinkers to memorialize our learnings into an asset for the affordable housing sector. Change is an open source pursuit.

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Why partner with us?

Through New Story’s R+D program, pilot projects have the opportunity to:

Receive financial support for your work

Adapt your innovation to real-world applications

Measure your long-term impact on housing

Scale your solution through a network of partners and expertise

Our R+D efforts focus on three goals:

Our R+D efforts focus on three goals:

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with us?

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